Booking Information

Prices and Information

All individual activity prices are quoted on each activity page. Prices are correct as at 1st March 2014.

Payment Information - please note we will require payment (non refundable) for all activities and accommodation at the time of booking (30% deposit and the balance 5 weeks before). We accept debit and credit cards with a 3% surcharge applied to credit cards.

Information for Groups - for groups already booked in with us, click here for more information to help you during your visit to Rookin House and the surrounding area.

Your Safety while in the Lake District

Rookin House has over 20 years experience of providing outdoor activities to a wide range of participants. All reasonable care is taken to ensure that the activities are carried out in a safe environment.

All staff have obtained the necessary qualifications for the activities that they are supervising and are members of the appropriate governing bodies.

All necessary safety equipment is provided. The equipment conforms to the correct British safety standard.

Regular risk assessments are conducted to ensure that activities continue to be provided in an environment where risks are minimized.

Advice is available to all clients regarding the suitability of activities for particular groups or individuals. Multi-activity packages can be tailored to suit most requirements – including groups with special needs or disabilities. However, some activities may not be suitable so please check for further information and advice if any member of your party has a disability.

If you would like any further information about particular activities or the Rookin House safety policy, please contact Deborah Hogg.


All activities do contain an element of risk. While we take all reasonable precautions, we do advise you that you participate at your own risk.
If you have back trouble, or are pregnant, please check the suitability of an activity before booking.

Booking Terms and Conditions

It is in the clients' own interest to ensure that the stated terms are correct and acceptable. Please contact Rookin House immediately if you have any queries or the terms and conditions are not acceptable.

Deposit/Security/Written Confirmation

Bookings less than £100.00 in value to be paid in full.

All booking confirmations are subject to Rookin House receiving from the client:

  1. A deposit (30% of booking value) or full payment if 5 weeks prior to your arrival. Debit and credit cards are accepted but credit cards incur a 3% surcharge. Cheque deposits should be made payable to Rookin House Activity Centre Ltd (Activities only) or A.R. Hogg (accommodation only).
  2. Balance amounts are due 5 weeks prior to your arrival. If the balance payment is not received by 5 weeks before the booking we reserve the right to cancel your booking. All received payments are non refundable and non transferable.
  3. On rare occasions Rookin House may accept security (credit/debit card details), when placing a card as security, no transaction will be made against the card except in the event of a cancellation or non-arrival (see Cancellations below).
  4. A written confirmation received from you (including confirmation sent by email) will confirm your booking so in the event of a cancellation the 30% deposit is still payable and if the cancellation is received less than 5 weeks prior to the event the full amount is still due whether it has been received or not.


In the event of a client cancelling a booking, Rookin House Equestrian & Activity Centre retains the right to recover the following cancellation charges:

Over 35 days prior to arrival date
- 30% of the booking value

Less than 35 days prior to arrival date
- Full amount of the booking value

Non-arrival by a client (whether the whole party or part of party) on the contracted date will be treated as a cancellation for the relevant numbers involved. We recommend that clients take out suitable insurance to cover any loss, which may be incurred in the event of a cancellation.

We reserve the right to cancel or change any activities if there are any adverse conditions.


We have Public Liability Insurance NOT Personal accident. In the unlikely event of injury unless we have shown negligence you participate at your own risk.


All activities do contain an element of risk. While we take all reasonable precautions, we do advise that you do participate at your own risk. If you have back trouble, are pregnant or suffer from a condition that you may aggravate by participating in an activity/event, please check the suitability of an activity BEFORE booking.

Management reserve the right to stop any person(s) participating in any activity and/or event if they are unruly or deemed not capable and there will be NO REFUND given.

Medical Forms

Full details of any medical problems, telephone number and number & name of next of kin (to be used in the event of an emergency) to be made available to Rookin House Management or Instructors if required. All organised groups are responsible for producing medical forms on site if required.